Myra has been musical since age 5 when she came home from elementary school as a “Suzuki” kid with a violin, and she never looked back. She started playing Flute at age 10 because it was her mom’s favorite instrument and learned to play piano, so she and her mom could sing Broadway tunes in their living room. Her repertoire grew to include vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, saxophone, recorder, Irish tin whistle, piccolo, harmonica, keyboards/synths, mandolin, and percussion. Pretty much anything she could get her hands on. She plays flute in the Easton Municipal band, and runs a local Flutie ensemble, the Champagne Flutes. She was in the All-city Orchestra in Philadelphia in HS and the University of Miami(FL) Band of the Hour in college, where she majored in music engineering. When she met Steve in 2011, they vowed to someday be in a rock band together and formed BON in 2019. Disbanding due to COVID and moving to PA in 2021, they played with the Rustix, a LV based band, but always wanted to get BON back together, so they reformed the band in the fall of 2022. Playing classic rock music with this amazing group of people is one of the greatest joys in her life.